Herbal Extraction Plant

Vacuum Tray Dryer

Vacuum Tray Dryer (VTD) is suitable for drying of thermal sensitive materials easily resolved, polymerized or deteriorated under […]

Rotary Extractor

Rotary Extractor by Able Engineering Rotary Extractor is used in Herbal and Solvent Extraction Plant and Phytochemical Industry […]

Double Cone Blender

The Double Cone Blender used in Herbal and Phyto Extraction Plant and Pharmaceutical Plant for mixing dry powder […]

3 Point Centrifuge

A 3 point centrifuge is the most energy efficient machine that separates solid from liquid. It is widely […]

Multi Mill

Multi Mill is widely used for wet and dry granulation pulverization in Herbal Extraction, Pharmaceuticals Plants and calcium […]

Solvent Storage Tank

We design and manufacture Solvent Storage Tank to store solvent in herbal extraction plant. We manufacture tanks having […]

Herbs Pulverizer

Herbs Pulverizer is used in , Herbal Extraction Plant, Phyto Extraction Plant and Pharmaceutical Plants to make powder […]

Vibro Sifter

Vibro Sifter is used herbal extraction plant and Phyto extraction plant, Pharmaceutical Plants, Calcium Plants and Food and […]

Micro Pulverizer (Micronizer)

Micro Pulverizer  ( Micronizer ) is used in Herbal Extraction Plant, Phyto Extraction Plant and Pharmaceutical Plants, to […]

Reaction Vessel

Reaction vessels are used in Herbal Extraction Plant, Solvent Extraction Plant, Pharmaceutical plant and chemical plants for any […]

Distillation Vessel

Distillation Vessel used in herbal extraction plants for process of separating the component substances from a liquid mixture […]


Stainless Steel Receivers used for receiving the solvent in the process of production in Herbal Extraction Plants, Pharmaceutical […]

Nutsche Filter ( Nutch Filter )

Nutsche Filter is extensively used in Herbal Exraction Plants and Pharmaceutical Plant.  Nutsche Filter is a closed vessel […]

Transfer Pump

Transfer Pump is used to transfer the extract from storage tank to evaporator balance tank in Herbal and […]

Shell and Tube Condenser

Shell and Tube Condenser, Heat Exchanger used for industrial, Herbal Extraction Plants, Pharmaceutical Plants and Chemical Plants. Condenser […]