Nutsche Filter ( Nutch Filter )

Nutsche Filter
Nutsche Filter

Nutsche Filter is extensively used in Herbal Extraction Plants and Pharmaceutical Plant. The Nutsche Filter is a closed vessel design to separate solid and liquid by filtration under pressure or vacuum. The closed system ensures odorless contamination-free and non-polluting working conditions maintaining product purity and hygiene. It provides superior corrosion resistance and also permits the handling of virtually all acids and salts at a very high temperature. It comprises a pressure vessel in which the main shaft rotates and also moves in the vertical direction. Specially designed stirrer blades are on the shaft, capable of performing various functions. These filters are used widely in the production processes of pharmaceutical, herbal extraction, chemical, and laboratory industries. Able Engineering is a leading and well-known manufacturer of Herbal Extraction Plant and Herbal Extraction Plant Machinery in India.

Salient Features of Nutch Filter:

  • Easy clamping of filter media
  • Optional coatings including Teflon.
  • Pressure / vacuum gauges optional.
  • Sight glasses and sampling ports.
  • Easy perforated plate arrangement.
  • Safety pressure relief valves
  • Valves for pressurization, vacuum, venting, slurry addition, draining etc.
  • Body flange model available for easy cleaning and change over material.
  • Castor wheels available for easy mobility.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Time reduction for cleaning, maintenance and filter element replacement.
  • Space and installation costs reduction.
  • It eliminates the risk of contamination.
Nutsche Filter
Nutsche Filter

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