Electric Tray Dryer

Electric Tray Dryer
Electric Tray Dryer

Electric Tray dryer is widely used in laboratories, food, chemical, and Herbal industries to remove moisture content from the final product. As the name states, trays are an important part of these machines, samples are put in trays, loaded on a trolley, and then dried under a heated chamber under different temperatures such as 100°C, 160°C, 250°C, etc. in the presence of air circulation.
We manufacture electric tray dryers for laboratory use and production scale for Herbal and Food processing and drying tea leaves.

How Electric Tray Dryer Works:

The principle of a tray dryer is based on the process of convection drying. Convection drying involves the use of hot air to remove moisture from the material being dried. The hot air is circulated throughout the drying chamber, and as it passes over the trays, it removes moisture from the materials on the trays.

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