Milk Pasteurizer


Pasteurization is the heat treatment of a product to kill pathogenic bacteria and reduce enzymatic activity. The purpose is to make the product safe for consumption and to lengthen product shelf life. For its reliable functionality, it is well cherished among clients. Milk Pasteurizer works by giving heat treatment to liquids and other food products.  The process of Pasteurization is used in the processing of milk by dairies. The process of milk Pasteurization has been hailed as the ultimate process of keeping the milk germ free and fit for consumption. Able Engineering is the leading manufacturer of Milk Pasteurizer and complete milk plants and dairy plants and milk plants and dairy plant equipment manufacturers in India.

  • Skid-mounted for flexible relocation.
  • Fully CIP prepared.
  • Automatic control of pasteurization temperature & Automatic flow diversion

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