Roller Conveyor

Roller COnveyor

We do Manufacture Roller conveyors using standard Precision bearings for heavy loads (250 kgs and above) and pressed bearings for lighter loads. Roller conveyor systems are used as mechanical handling equipment which moves materials from one location to another. These systems provide quick and efficient transportation for a wide variety of materials, which make them very popular for the material handling in the industries. Two types of Roller Conveyors are there one is Gravity  Roller Conveyor which does not require any operational external power and another is Powered Roller Conveyor where the electric motor is provided for its operation. Components are designed to deliver heavy-duty usage and flexibility as well. These are fabricated with high-quality raw material to ensure their high standard durability. Roller Conveyors are used in Dairy Plant and Milk Plants for conveying plastic crates. Able Engineering is the leading manufacturer of Roller Conveyors and complete milk plants and dairy plants and milk plants and dairy plant equipment manufacturers in India.

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