Milk Transfer Pump

Milk Transfer Pump
Milk Transfer Pump
Milk Transfer Pump

Able Engineering is a leading Manufacturer of Milk Transfer Pumps. These pumps are famous for many names like Centrifugal Pump, Transfer Pump, Milk Transfer Pump, and Dairy Pump. The pumps of sanitary design would be used for the transfer of milk/ghee/butter having capacities up to 30 KLPH consisting of flange motor of suitable capacity with the hygienic sealing arrangement. The pump and drive would be integrated together with a SS shaft and the impeller (SS 304) would be fixed on the same shaft.

The milk transfer pump will be of sanitary design and provided with a mechanical seal. We manufacture, supply, and trade excellent Centrifugal Pump. We are using the latest technology to meet the variegated demands of clients.

  • Modular Construction, High Interchangeability, Fast delivery.
  • Versatile shaft sealing arrangement, Gland packing as a standard arrangement and option to us mechanical seal.
  • Process type design results in minimum downtime.
  • Closed impeller ensures high efficiency for a long period operation.
  • Compact and robust design


  • Milk, cream, buttermilk condensed milk.
  • Fruit juice, beer, wine, sugar syrup.
  • Vitamin solutions, sugar & confectionery.
  • RO water, dm water, pure water. Water for injection (wfi)
  • Vegetable oil, mineral oil, lube oil, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical formulations, syrup, etc.
  • Alkaline solution / alcoholic drinks.
  • Acids, fine chemicals.
  • Bottling plants, soft drinks & distillery.
  • Food processing / liquid foodstuffs.
  • Color dyes and pigments/paints.
  • Descaling applications, paper & cement industries.
  • Water treatment plants.
  • Detergent, soaps, paste & shampoo.
  • Textile sizing, dyeing & finishing systems.
  • Natural cellulose fiber / synthetic fiber system.
  • Hot & cold water pumping.

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Able Engineering is a Fabrication company that offers Pharmaceutical Plant Machinery, Herbal Extraction Plant Machinery, Food Processing Plant and Dairy Processing Plant and Machinery, Cand Calcium Plants Machinery