Percolator Vertical Extractor ( Bottom Opening type ) 

Percolator Vertical Extractor
Percolator Vertical Extractor
Vertical Extractor 6 kl

Percolator Vertical Extractor (Bottom Opening Type) is used in the Herbal and Phytochemical Industry for recovery of solvent by indirect steam heating. Herbs loaded from the top manhole, the herbs stay on mesh fitted inside the shell. Unlike typical vertical extractor design fitted inside of shell differently. The benefit of a bottom opening manhole in a percolator is that it saves the time of unloading. It unloads many times faster than a typical vertical extractor.

Percolator Vertical Extractor (Bottom Opening Type) is designed and machined using flawless raw materials in compliance with international quality standards. Percolator Vertical Extractor (Bottom Opening Type) used to extract the active ingredient present in the dry Herbs/Seed powder/Root/Leaf using a suitable solvent.

Features of Percolator Vertical Extractor ( Bottom Opening Type )

Dimple Jacketed
Inbuilt Insulation
Easy Bottom Opening Manhole

Able Engineering is a leading manufacturer in India and successfully installed in various plants. Our Extractors are highly durable and known for their alignment and balancing. By inculcating ultra-modern technology, We manufacture these extractors using premium quality stainless steel and other raw material by our best team of experts. Moreover, our clients can avail the provided Highly Durable Percolator from us at reasonable prices.


  • Rugged construction
  • Durable finish standards
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Hassle-free operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Long service life

Able Engineering is a Fabrication company that offers our clients a wide breadth of experience and knowledge. Our team of professionals has vast experience in the Herbal Extraction Plants & Herbal and Solvent Extraction Plant MachineryPharmaceutical Plant MachineryFood Processing Plant & Food Processing Plant Machinery and Dairy & Milk Processing Plant and Machinery, Chemical Plant Machinery and Calcium Machinery plants. This combination of steel fabrication, rolling, forming, and welding together with a working practical knowledge of the industries served allows us to provide a full and comprehensive service with the aim of complete customer satisfaction.

Percolator Vertical Extractor
Percolator Vertical Extractor
Percolator Vertical Extractor
Vertical Extractor 6 kl

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