Tablet Coating Pan

coating pan

Tablet Coating Pan is used for sugar and film coating of tablets, pallets, and granules. Tablet coating is a common technique of applying a thin polymer-based film to a tablet containing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The unit comprises of ellipsoidal-shaped pan fabricated using a stainless steel sheet and mounted on the gearbox shaft, which is driven by an electric motor. Able Engineering is a leading and well-known manufacturer of Tablet Coating Pan and Pharmaceutical Plant Machinery in India.

It is an equipment that coats the outer surface of tablet with a thin layer of coating material:

  • To mask the taste, odor, and color of the drug.
  • Provides physical and chemical protection to the drug and also prevent decomposition of drugs sensitive to air (oxygen), light, or humidity.
  • To minimize the unpleasant taste of certain drugs that may come during partial dissolution of the drug in buccal fluids during absorption.
  • It improves swallowability by increasing the surface smoothness in the mouth.
  • Provides visual appeal and consistency, smooth surface texture, and uniform distribution of color.
  • To serve as anticounterfeiting medium by incorporating tracer compounds in the coating material.


  • The complete drive unit is enclosed in a sturdy cabinet.
  • Hot air blower with flexible SS Pipe heaters are provided with thermostat control for fast drying.
  • Heaters are interlocked with the blower motor therefore unless the blower is on, the heater does not start.

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